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Thigh Lift Surgery

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    During a thigh lift, the patient is first anesthetized. Afterwards, the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision in either the inner or outer thigh, depending upon the patient’s precise needs. Inner thigh incisions extend from the pubic area to the back of the thigh, while outer thigh incisions may extend from the inner thigh to the hip and lower back region. In both cases, the cosmetic surgeon makes every effort to ensure that any scarring will be concealed naturally by the body’s contours, or at least by a standard bathing suit... (Continued below)

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  Patients can expect to experience moderate to considerable swelling and bruising in the recovery period. A medical condition known as deep vein thrombosis is a rare but very serious potential complication of thigh lift surgery, thus it is extremely important to seek immediate medical attention if any of the symptoms should appear, such as having sudden difficulty breathing or changings in cardiac activity. Generally speaking, most patients require an approximate forty-eight-hour period of rest and recuperation before resuming light activities. Within four to six weeks of surgery, the recovery process is fully completed.    


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