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Neck Lift Surgery

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   One of the most common areas where individuals experience age-related sagging is in the neck and jawline. As the skin’s elasticity and collagen begin to break down, people can develop what are commonly referred to as jowls, or loose flaps of skin that hang under the chin and jaw. The neck area is also a common spot for visible weight gain. Excess fat deposits in this area can lead to a heavier appearance. These are all problems that can be remedied through neck lift surgery, also known as lower rhytidectomy.

   A neck lift is a good option for those patients who primarily experience sagging in the lower part of the face. It is more localized and precise than a full-on face lift, and addresses only the lower portion of the face, thus requiring less recovery time.
After administering anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision in the hairline which continues around the ear. From this incision, the surgeon is then able to remove and re-sculpt the fat deposits underneath, or a separate incision may be made under the chin for localized liposuction. The muscles underneath are tightened and any excess skin that remains is removed, leading to a more defined, younger looking jawline.
Following surgery, the patient’s incisions are covered with bandages, and a small tube is left in place to assist with draining fluids. Patients are cautioned to keep their head elevated and in a strait position. Even though swelling can arise, it is vital to refrain from applying ice, as the coldness can cause permanent damage to the skin cells by restricting blood flow.    


Call: 754-222-3205