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   Giving birth to one’s children is certainly one of the greatest joys in life that a woman will experience. The body undergoes a tremendous amount of physical change both during and after pregnancy. The abdomen swells considerably to accommodate the growing fetus, while the breasts change shape and size as well to allow for lactation.
The months following the birth of a child are undoubtedly filled with joy, yet some women may experience dissatisfaction with the after effects that childbearing has had upon their body. Oftentimes, diet and exercise are simply not enough to return the abdomen and breast areas to their original state. In these instances, a South Florida mommy make-over may be the ideal cosmetic procedure.
A mommy-makeover in Fort Lauderdale is a combination of cosmetic procedures which are specifically targeted for helping women obtain their desired body shape after pregnancy. While each woman’s needs are individual, the procedure usually consists of a combination of a mini or full tummy tuck along with a breast lift and/or liposuction. While all three of these components may be integrated into a patient’s Miami mommy make-over, they may only require one or two. In addition, some women elect to incorporate other cosmetic procedures into the process such as receiving breast implants or a South Florida Brazilian butt lift.
Mothers are limited on time, and thus, one of the major perks of a mommy make-over is that a multitude of cosmetic procedures are addressed at one time. This means that the patient only has to undergo anesthesia once, and more importantly, only experiences one recovery period.
Mommy Makeovers Fort Lauderdale


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Most women who chose to have a Mommy Makeover have already decided that they don't want to have any more children. Because of this, it is very common to see women get a hysterectomy or another type of gyno surgery along with their other procedures. This is something you can discuss with your Doctor at the time of consultation.

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