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   When we think about breast reduction surgery, or even breast augmentation in general, we are conditioned to automatically think of it as being a primarily female surgery. Yet men also possess mammary glands and therefore breasts, which can at times result in an abnormally large breast size. Gynecomastia is a medical condition describing an excess of mammary growth in a male. Reduction mammaplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is specifically aimed at reducing the breast size of male patients.
Gynecomastia can suddenly affect men of any age or race. The underlying cause can be attributed to a number of factors, including genetic heritage, morbid obesity, a sudden change in hormones, etc. It is a condition that is rarely spoken about, as many patients find themselves embarrassed by their condition. Generally speaking, gynecomastia is the result of excess fatty tissue in one or more breasts. However, it can also result from glandular enlargement as well.
The most common form of reduction mammaplasty is localized liposuction to remove the overgrowth of fatty tissue. However, in some cases, extra incisions must be made to address glandular overgrowths as well as to remove excess skin from the area.
Patients recovering from reduction mammaplasty can expect mild to moderate discomfort in the chest area. Any dressings or bandages must be changed in accordance with the surgeon’s instructions, and it is extremely important to be sure to avoid strenuous activity in the weeks following the surgery. While some patients may require a few days of rest, most are generally able to resume most normal activities within four weeks of surgery.
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