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Many women are now opting for the "Gummy Bear Implants" instead of the regular silicone gel. You want to know the difference? The level of cohesion of the implants is what makes the difference.  Regular silicone gel implants are cohesive (this means that the silicone gel molecules stick together, unlike salt water molecules).  Gummy bear implants are even more cohesive than the molecules in regular silicone gel.
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In the past, when women wanted to surgically enlarge their breasts, they made one of two choices. Breast implants were either made out of silicon or saline, and each had its own benefits and drawbacks.

            In March of 2017, there was a third option that was approved for general use by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Gummy Bear implants are being heralded amongst cosmetic surgeons as the future of breast implants, which are reported to be a safer alternative that also more closely resembles a natural breast.

            The implants get their name from the way that they retain their shape, even when sliced into two. Made out of cohesive gel, these implants are known officially as high strength silicone gel implants, though their inventor, a well-known surgeon named Doctor Grant Stevens prefers the whimsical name he gave them.

            The fact that these implants are able to retain their shape means that women can expect their breasts to look and feel natural after their breast augmentation surgery. Not only are gummy bear implants said to be superior in providing a natural appearance, they are also extremely resistant to rupturing, which drastically improves the safety factor.

            There are some drawbacks to be aware of, however. Gummy Bear implants are new on the market, and therefore, they are significantly more expensive than their saline or silicone counterparts. They also require a larger incision in order to be placed in the body, resulting in the potential for more scarring, and a longer recovery process.