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Are you tired of the obvious and visible signs aging on your face or neck? Does your facial skin feel like it is sagging when you relax your facial muscles? Face lifts are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States. Patients who are considering a face lift are often looking to regain a more youthful appearance by eliminating facial wrinkles and sagging skin. Skin naturally loses its elasticity as time goes on, which leads to visible signs of aging. Face lift surgery helps increase confidence by providing patients with markedly younger looking skin.    
There are different forms of facelifts. In its most common form, the procedure involves small incisions which are made slightly behind the hairline. The cosmetic surgeon methodically works to keep the incision within the natural curves of the face to reduce the chances of any visible scarring. Once the incision has been made, the patient’s tissue is manipulated and the excess skin is removed.

Patients who experience only mild to moderate signs of aging or who are looking for a less invasive method of combating aging may elect for a mini-facelift. Rather than the larger incision, this procedure involves smaller incisions, which means that the degree of resulting swelling is reduced.

Our South Florida Mini face lifts certainly provide less dramatic results than their full counterpart, yet the recovery process is also reduced.

Mini and standard facelifts inevitably result in at least some amount of bruising and swelling, as well as mild discomfort. Within a two-week period, most patients are able to resume work and other normal activities. Scaring should not be visible, yet the actual incisions may cause discomfort during the recovery process as well.
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