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The goal behind a chemical peel is to improve the appearance of the skin. This procedure is most preformed on the face, though the neck and hands may be treated as well. A dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon applies a combination of chemicals to the specified area. These chemicals cause the skin on the surface to fall or peel away, leaving a rejuvenated layer beneath.
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 Chemical peels fall into one of three categories:

Superficial peels utilize a mild acid such as alpha-hydroxy. These peels are the mildest, as they only slough away the top layers of the skin.

Medium peels use glycolic acid to remove the outer and middle skin layers. While superficial peels are effective in treating small areas of discoloration or texture problems, a medium peel helps alleviate wrinkles, crow’s feet and other moderate signs of aging.

Deep peels use trichloroacetic acid, and are the most extreme form of chemical peels available to the public. The acid penetrates throughout the middle layers of the skin to reduce major age damage, such as deep lines and dark sunspots. Deep peels can also be effective at removing facial scars. The procedure can only be done on the face, and each patient may only receive one deep chemical peel in their lifetime.

Patients tend to experience mild redness and a general feeling of stinging or tight skin in the days following the procedure. Deep peels may leave significantly more redness and swelling. In the weeks after any sort of chemical peel, patients are cautioned to stay away from the sun, and use a medically-recommended topical moisturizer.
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