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    A brow lift is typically preformed for three reasons. In some cases, a patient may wish to correct a drooping eyebrow, while others opt for the procedure in order to eliminate the appearance of the horizontal lines running across the forehead, as well as the frown lines which may appear between the eyes.

Patients who have a large forehead may also elect to undergo a brow lift solely for the purpose of reducing the size of their brow.       
There are two methods of preforming a brow lift in Fort Lauderdale.  Our Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic surgeon may elect to work with an endoscope, which is a very thin tube attached to a camera. An incision is made near the scalp, and the endoscope guides the cosmetic surgeon in using tools to reshape the face tissue. This method allows for impeccable visibility while the operation is being performed, which enables the surgeon to achieve meticulous results. Other cosmetic surgeons prefer to make an incision farther back, which is known as a coronal incision. Coronal incisions are advantageous in that they make it possible for a patient to receive a brow lift without changing their hairline.

The recovery process for patients who have undergone a brow lift involves moderate swelling and bruising, as well as discomfort around the incision. In the initial stages after surgery, patients must be cautious to keep their heads elevated and should refrain from exercising or any other strenuous activity. Most patients are able to return to their normal routine a few weeks after receiving surgery.
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