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Wishing for that more youthful appearance of your breasts? Breasts can lose their shape and firmness due to pregnancy, nursing or loss of skin elasticity, giving them the "sag" look. Our Board Certified South Florida Plastic Surgeons will help restore that "youthful look" and have you feeling "perky" once again. 

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A cosmetic surgeon preforms a breast lift by making two incisions, one around the areola and another running vertically downward from the bottom of the areola. The breast tissue is then reshaped and elevated, and the nipples repositioned. The cosmetic surgeon then closes the incisions, and eliminates any excess skin that may remain. Recovery from a breast lift typically involves mild to moderate discomfort which gradually fades over a few weeks time.

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A breast lift is also known as mastopexy. Women typically desire a breast lift in order to give themselves a boost in confidence. Many times, the breasts begin to sag as time goes on and the elasticity of the skin begins to break down. Women who have larger breasts may be slightly more prone to sagging simply because of the effect of gravity, while women who have breastfed children seem to be at risk as well. Rapid weight gain or loss can also contribute to sagging, as can simple genetics.     

A breast lift is preformed to lift the breasts upward, resulting in a more youthful, perkier bust line. Breast lifts are often preformed in conjunction with breast augmentation, though the end results of the two procedures are different. A breast lift may cause the breasts to look slightly fuller due to their higher placement, yet it is important for patients to understand that the operation is not intended significantly increase cup size.

As with any other cosmetic procedure, the surgeon will first meet with the patient in order to consult with them about their desired expectations. A patient’s body frame ultimately determines the amount of reshaping and lifting required. In the consultation phase, the cosmetic surgeon is able to determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.
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