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   Body Cosmetics, Ft. Lauderdale:

            Cosmetic body surgery involves altering the appearance of the body via surgical methods. In the majority of cases, patients elect for cosmetic body surgery to help increase levels of confidence as well as to feel more comfortable in their own skin.
At Cosmetic Body Sculptors, we offer a wide range of options for body cosmetic surgeries:

Liposuction, Ft. Lauderdale:

Many people mistakenly believe that patients undergo liposuction to lose weight, yet this is not true. While the procedure does change the shape of the area of the body which is treated, it often results in little to no noticeable weight loss.

Liposuction consists of having fat surgically removed from areas of the body, such as the stomach, butt or thighs. The majority of the time, liposuction is preformed via a suction method, where excess fat is taken out of the body through a small, straw-like instrument which is inserted into a small incision.

Fort Lauderdale Arm Lifts:

This a surgery that removes any excess or hanging skin from the patient’s underarm area.

Fort Lauderdale Tummy Tucks

Also known as abdomioplasty, patients receiving a tummy tuck have their stomach muscles surgically tightened along with removing any excess skin around the abdominal area. Tummy tucks help reduce visible stomach bulge, and can be particularly helpful to women suffering from low self-esteem after childbirth.

Fort Lauderdale Vaginal Rejuvenation:

This is a widely encompassing term, and includes everything from simply tightening the vaginal walls after childbirth to reconstructing the labia. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is also useful to patients who suffer from a prolapsed uterus or vagina.

Fort Lauderdale Thigh Lift Surgery

A thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat deposits and excess, sagging skin from the upper leg region. This helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the thighs by providing new definition to the thigh muscles, as well as by tightening skin. This procedure can be performed on its own, or in conjunction with liposuction.    
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