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Arm lift surgery is intended to eliminate excess fat and skin from the lower arm area. Many times, exercise and weight-lifting is simply not enough to provide relief from embarrassing sagging skin underneath the arms. The loss of elasticity over times leads to excess skin and a generally droopy appearance. This can cause insecurity and self-consciousness, to the point where one may be embarrassed to wear short sleeved shirts... (continued in next section below ... )

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   An arm lift helps resolve this issue by removing excess fat and skin from the underarm area. The procedure can stand on its own independently, or may be accompanied by liposuction, depending upon the patient’s wishes.
During an arm lift, the patient undergoes a surgery that lasts approximately three hours in time. After they are sedated, the Coral Gables, FL cosmetic surgeon makes incisions along the front or back of the inner arm. The tissue underneath the arm is reshaped and any excess skin is trimmed away. In cases where there are more significant deposits of fat, the cosmetic surgeon may liposuction away the fat before closing the incisions.
Patients tend to experience mild to moderate swelling and discomfort, the majority of which gradually fades away over a couple of weeks. It is important to keep the arms elevated as much as possible, as well as to pay close attention to the wound’s dressings, being sure to change them in accordance with the surgeon’s instructions. While patients are able to resume the vast majority of their day to day tasks within a few weeks, it is important to avoid any kind of heavy lifting for up to eight weeks.