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Plastic Surgery in Stuart, FL

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Usually surgery involves the treatment of an injury, disease or deformation through the use of making precise incisions with surgical instruments. There are many different kinds of surgeons, each who are trained within their own special area of expertise. For example, a neurosurgeon preforms surgeries on the brain, a cardiac surgeon operates on the heart while a pediatric surgeon concentrates on addressing the surgical needs of children and teenagers.    

Surgeries can be either invasive or non-invasive, depending upon the exact nature of the operation preformed, though any form of surgery is generally considered to be more invasive than other techniques, such as physical therapy. Invasive procedures have a longer recovery time as well as more physical discomfort associated with the operation. For example, for a patient looking to reduce wrinkles, the least evasive method would be to get a chemical peel. Taking it a step farther, the patient may elect to receive Botox injections while having a full-blown face lift balances out the most evasive method of combatting age.
Cosmetic Surgery Fort Lauderdale
Anytime a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, there is usually at least some sort of risk associated with the operation. This is because the vast majority of surgeries require the patient to undergo partial or general anesthesia. Aside from the risks that are inherent with any kind of sedation, there are other complications that can arise from surgeries, such as swelling, infection, etc.   
Due to the discomfort, risk and recovery time that accompanies most surgical procedures, it is generally assumed that most people will only have surgery done in cases when it is an absolute medical necessity to do so. For example, patients with cancer will undergo surgery to remove a tumor in order to increase their chances of survival and recovery, while those who suffer from a badly broken bone may need the services of an orthopedic surgeon in order to regain maximum functionality in the affected area.

Plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale is unique, because a great deal of time, the surgeries performed are elective rather than medically necessary. In fact, the vast majority of the time, those who undergo South Florida plastic surgery procedures do so on a completely voluntary basis. As is the case with any other kind of surgery, there are certainly risks involved, which is why it is absolutely vital to be sure to seek the services of a reputable, Board Certified plastic surgeon in Stuart, FLlike us!

There are two primary kinds of plastic surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic.

Reconstructive plastic surgery, typically occurs after a patient in involved in some sort of trauma which causes visible injury to the body or face, such as a violent accident, attack or sustaining burns in a fire. The plastic surgeon works to help reconstruct or “re-build” the damaged areas. For example, a patient who has suffered from a gunshot wound may need to have an entire section of their face or head reconstructed, while wounds sustained in an accident may require surgical intervention to prevent severe scarring. Patients who have suffered major burn damage are often required to receive skin grafts. This is a procedure which requires taking sections of healthy skin from an undamaged area of the patient’s or a donor’s body and surgically attaching the sample to the affected area so new skin can grow. Reconstructive plastic surgery is also used to minimize the appearance of birth defects, such as a cleft palate.

Some women who are diagnosed with breast cancer must undergo a partial or total mastectomy, which involves the removal of one or both breasts. Reconstructive plastic surgery helps these women by replacing their original breasts tissue through the use of breast implants. South Florida Cosmetic plastic surgery is different than reconstructive surgery in that these procedures are performed almost entirely on a voluntary basis. There is usually no significant medical necessity, as cosmetic plastic surgery is just that, cosmetic. These operations are specifically designed to enhance, improve or otherwise alter some aspect of the patient’s physical appearance.

While there are a wide variety of common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, the most popular are breast augmentation in Stuart, FL, liposuction, breast reduction, eyelid surgery and tummy tucks.

Breast augmentation commonly falls in two different categories; receiving implants or a breast lift. Some women experience feelings of low self-esteem and a lack of confidence due to their naturally small breast size. These women may elect to receive breast implants, which are bags of silicone or saline that are surgically inserted to give the permanent appearance of a fuller chest. Breast implants are also commonly used to aide in reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy.

Finally, breast lifts are performed in cases when the client is satisfied with their overall breast size, yet they wish to combat the effects of aging by surgically making their breasts more perky and firm.    

Liposuction in Stuart, FL involves the surgical removal of fat from a patient’s body. Liposuction is commonly performed on the abdominal area as well as the legs, thighs, upper arms and buttocks.

 Breast reduction patients with very large breasts can find that the size of their breasts can actually impact their health in a negative way. These women suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain, and may elect to have their breast size surgically reduced in order to allow for greater comfort and range of movement.

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the appearance of bags around the lower or upper eyelid. While this is mainly done to maintain a more youthful appearance, some patients experience partially blocked vision from a sagging upper eyelid, and undergo the procedure to maintain their sight.
While eyelid surgery is the most common, many patients undergo cosmetic surgeries on other areas of their face, including the nose, cheeks,
lips and chin.

Tummy tucks involve the surgical removal of fat and excess skin from the abdomen. Many times, this procedure is done after a woman is done having children, or in cases where a patient has lost a great deal of weight, leaving behind a mass of excess skin.

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